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Summary of Research and Development of Amorphous Alloy Iron Core Transformer

by:Transmart     2022-12-19

Amorphous alloy iron core transformers use a new type of magnetically permeable material amorphous alloy core made of transformers. Amorphous alloys have various excellent physical properties, the most important being good magnetic properties. Therefore, transformers using amorphous alloy iron cores will have more advantages in performance than silicon steel sheets as iron core transformers. Compared with transformers with silicon steel sheet iron cores, the no-load loss of transformers using amorphous alloy iron cores can be reduced by about 75%, and the no-load current is reduced by about 80%. Therefore, amorphous alloy iron core transformers have the best energy-saving effect now Distribution transformers are especially suitable for use in rural power grids and places with relatively low load rates in developing areas.

The effect of amorphous alloy materials is so good, so more research is needed to develop more amorphous alloy materials suitable for various fields. At present, the Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute has made a new breakthrough in the research of amorphous alloy materials, and has been able to spray 140mm wide amorphous iron-based strips. The main characteristics of this amorphous alloy material are:

(1) The thickness of the amorphous iron chip is extremely thin, only 20-30ftm, and the filling coefficient is not high, about 0.82.

(2) The allowable flux density of the amorphous alloy iron core is low. The single-phase transformer is usually 1.3-1.4T, and the three-phase transformer is generally between 1.25-1.35T. Therefore, the product design will be subject to high material constraints.

(3) The hardness of amorphous alloy is 5 times that of silicon steel sheet, and it is very difficult to process and shear. Therefore, transformer manufacturers can only use formed iron cores to manufacture amorphous alloy transformers.

(4) The amorphous alloy core material is very sensitive to mechanical stress, so both tensile stress and bending stress can affect the magnetic properties of the amorphous alloy. Therefore, it is necessary to consider reducing the force of the iron core as much as possible in the body structure of the transformer.

(5) The magnetic domain stretching degree of amorphous alloy is about 10% higher than that of silicon steel sheet, and it should not be over-clamped, so the noise of amorphous alloy transformer will be higher than that of silicon steel sheet iron core transformer.

The iron core of the three-phase amorphous alloy transformer is composed of four frames to form a structure similar to the three-phase five-column structure with staggered iron choke joints. The iron core and the winding have two rectangular cross-sections, but each has its own mechanical support structure.
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