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Understand the power loss of the experiment

by:Transmart     2020-10-20
Using a Nikon Eclipse the -l150 microscope ( Usually use the magnification) Can rapidly through optical microscope, thickness and surface structures of carbon belt. Power loss feature set includes 8200 series power supply (from Global Specialties As a signal generator) , soft magnetic alloy from Applied Research of the power amplifier, Agilent N2775A current sensor and Tektronix TPS 2014 oscilloscope. Amorphous metal belt forming for the annular core, and materials used for about 5 turns. The inner and outer diameter of the core of 5 respectively. 5 mm and 6 mm. For measuring transformer style, will turn 25 copper wire as and the secondary coil winding on the iron core. In order to reduce the influence of the air coupling, also prepared with the same size of the hollow transformer, and use it to normalize the experiment. Detailed information of the instrument and equivalent circuit was published in our previous work. 1 the results and discussion from arc melting casting polished surface of XRD data is shown in figure 1. Vitrovac has six party close packing ( hcp) Crystal structure, but also to detect some index HCP cobalt, and with HCP Vitrovac overlap. No other phases detected. Alloy with a face-centered cubic (1 fcc) Crystal structure; Also some additional six chlorine phenol was detected in cobalt, overlapping with the FCC alloy # 1, but less than in Vitrovac measured. No other phases detected. By XRD recognized two of crystal structure with the corresponding binary alloy phase diagram.
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