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USES and characteristics of nickel zinc core winding

by:Transmart     2020-09-28
As a round cable products, equipped with a size and shape two core coiling points directly without dismantling or cut off the original cable installation. Use video equipment, audio equipment, electric equipment, communication equipment, office automation ( OA) And other equipment, prevent and spontaneous noise absorption and intrusive noise. To prevent parasitic oscillation EMI series: good restrain electromagnetic interference characteristics, used for circuit connection or connect the wire and cable anti-interference. 1, prevent the plug wire when interference current shock; 2, preventing electromagnetic interference of the space, let the transmission stability. EMI absorption magnetic ring/magnetic beads from used to inhibit signal lines, peak power line noise and interference, it have ability to absorb electrostatic pulse at the same time, using electronic equipment electromagnetic compatibility ( EMI / EMC) And the corresponding international standard of electrostatic discharge. EMI absorption circular/magnetic beads absorption interference ability is characterized by the impedance characteristics, present low sensibility in low frequency impedance value, does not affect the useful signal transmission on the data line or telecom, at high frequencies, about 10 MHZ, impedance increases, the inductance component remains small, resistive quantity increases rapidly, the high frequency EMI interference energy in the form of heat absorption dissipation, circular and usually use two key points of frequency 25 MHZ and 100 MHZ calibration EMI resistance to absorb magnetic ring/absorption properties of magnetic beads.
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