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What are main products for Transmart to export?
The main products for Transmart Industrial Limited to export include c-cores . The product is well received in the overseas markets for its quality. Also, it is frequently mentioned when showcased in international exhibitions and trade fairs. The product combines the premium properties of raw materials and meets the international standards in terms of functionality and practicality. Having years of experience in export business, we are able to deliver surrounded after-sales services to enrich customer experience to the greatest extent. We are also granted some export licenses, which is essential to the implementation of sales network expansion.

Transmart has specialized in mumetal cores production for many years. We take pride in our accomplishment and progress in this field. Transmart's common mode chokes series contains multiple sub-products. This product can last for decades. Its joints combine the use of joinery, glue, and screws, which are tightly combined with each other. This product works most stably and effectively under low-frequency conditions. Most cleaning methods work well on this piece of colorfast clothing and people don't have to worry about damage. The unrivaled magnetic properties are counted as its most prominent feature.

One of our main priorities is to generate greater value for our customers and continue expanding the business between us.
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