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What are raw materials for Soft Magnetic Materials production?
As an important part of manufacturing Soft Magnetic Materials , high quality raw material selection is critical to producers. In addition, raw materials largely determine the cost of the product, which is an important factor for the buyer to consider. The quality of raw materials should be highly valued. This is to strengthen its quality.
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Relying on the competitive nanocrystalline ribbon manufacturing advantage, Transmart Industrial Limited has become an expert with years of devotion to this industry. According to the material, Transmart's products are divided into several categories, and soft magnetic material is one of them. Much advanced quality inspection equipment is used in Transmart amorphous cut core production. It is finely handled by the coordinate measuring machine (CMM), caliper, microcaliper, gauge, and pass meter. The core finishing can be the plastic case or metal case. The product has both dehydrating and food sterilization function. The dehydrating temperature is high enough to kill the bacteria stick on the food. Its thickness can be customized based on requirements.
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The raw materials used in the e-cores are subject to strict raw material inspection.

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