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What are the advantages of nanomaterials? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-09

Six advantages of nanomaterials: 1. The combination of scratch-resistant nano-coating surface activity and film-forming substances can greatly increase the strength of the coating, so the coating has good scratch resistance, and the surface of the nano-coating has been modified It is waterproof and oil-proof, whether it is used for interior walls or exterior walls, it can improve the stain resistance and weather resistance of the wall. 2. Self-cleaning function Nano-coating can improve its chemical catalysis and photocatalysis due to the increase of paint surface activity, and make the paint have self-cleaning function under the action of ultraviolet rays and oxygen. 3. Anti-radiation Nano-coatings with a particle size of less than 100nm can absorb and scatter Y-rays, which can improve the anti-radiation ability of the coating. 4. The topcoat has high brightness and high light transmittance. If the nano-coating is used for the primer, it can not only increase the adhesion between the primer and the substrate, but also improve the mechanical strength. Finally, a thin film layer can be formed on the surface, so that the light transmittance is greatly improved, reaching 70%. Using it in the home not only has a wider field of vision, but also is more convenient to use. 5. Sterilization and anti-virus, anti-aging Nano-coating silica can not only make the wall more resistant to scrubbing, but also greatly improve the weather resistance and aging resistance of latex paint. Of course, the nano-zinc oxide in the nano-coating also plays the role of shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays, and sterilizing and anti-virus. This is why nano-coatings are popular with so many consumers. 6. Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and health Nano-coating has heat insulation effect and can adjust the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. In addition, the nano-material paint is a water-based paint, so it will not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and lead. Very green and environmentally friendly.
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