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What are the core of the electrical products system?

by:Transmart     2020-10-06
Core each an electrical products system is the core of the sensor is the core of intelligent sensor, a 9 shaft sensor, to monitor blood vessels movement in three dimensional space. Innovative sensor core will be advanced solid state sensor. Core of the product has some advantages: 1, clear monitoring course, pitch, roll and yaw, make the autopilot in sea state and dynamics change immediately when the development of the ship. 2, flexible installation options. Installed on the deck above or below. 3, easy to connect to the control head and ACU. 4, solid-state sensor technology can provide under the condition of dynamic accuracy within 2 degrees. 5, automatic compensation of magnetic field and the arctic and Antarctic extreme on heading accuracy. 6, multi-function display, radar coverage and fast course mode on the course of the data. Design simple, no complicated Settings and calibration. After the installation of the product, this thing is like opening the autopilot. Using intelligent sensor is the core, the autopilot can be automatically development and adapt to your ship steering characteristics, without user adjustment. This innovation breakthrough of autopilot intelligence to make the product of the autopilot can sense its environment, and then immediately calculation and development to command, to great extent increase performance. Whatever speed or sea condition, the result is clear and keep confident routes.
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