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What does an accuracy check for split current transformers look like? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-16

The split current transformer can convert high voltage into low voltage, and convert large current into small current for measurement or protection system. What is its accuracy check like? The following is the compilation of the editor: 1. The error breakdown split current transformer test generally uses the comparison between the measured current and the standard current, and the difference between the two currents is the error. This method of checking is called the comparative method. The standard product is required to be two grades higher than the tested product, and the error can be ignored at this time. If the standard product is only one grade higher than the tested product, the error of the test result plus the error of the standard product should be considered. 2. Calibration: In addition to standard products and calibration products, there should be a current booster that can provide primary current for the split current transformer, a voltage regulator and a load that can adjust the current of the current booster. 3. Typically, a calibrator is used to measure quantities. Since the product calibrator measures the ratio of the current difference between the product under test and the standard product to the secondary current, the requirements for the calibrator are not high. What grade of split current transformer can be checked is basically determined by the standard product. In order to transmit electric energy, split current transformers often use AC voltage and high current circuits to transmit electric power to users, and these electric power cannot be directly measured by instruments.
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