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What is a crystal alloy

by:Transmart     2020-05-22
Let's start with amorphous materials, people contact materials in our daily life generally has two kinds: one kind is a crystalline material, another is a crystalline materials. And amorphous materials, refers to the material internal arrangement of atoms follow certain rules. Conversely, internal atoms are arranged in a random state, amorphous materials, metal, its internal atoms are arranged orderly, belong to crystalline materials. Scientists have discovered that the metal melting, internal atoms in the active state. A metal begins to cool down, but the atoms as the temperature drop, but slowly is arranged according to certain crystalline state regulation, the formation of crystal. Soon if the cooling process, the atoms could rearrange is solidification, thus was born the amorphous alloy, the preparation of amorphous alloy is a kind of rapid solidification process. Would be in a molten state of high temperature molten steel into the high-speed rotating on the cooling of the roller. Molten steel at millions of degrees per second cooling rapidly, with only one over one thousand of a second time will fall below 200 ℃ 1300 ℃ of molten steel, forming of amorphous strip. Amorphous alloy compared with amorphous alloy, in terms of physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties are changed markedly. Mainly iron amorphous alloy as an example, it has the characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction intensity and low loss. Due to such features, the amorphous alloy materials in the electronic, aviation, aerospace, machinery, micro-electronics, etc in many fields has a broad application space. Used in the aerospace field, for example, can reduce power supply, equipment weight, increase the payload. Used for civilian power, electronic equipment, can greatly reduce the power volume, improve efficiency, enhance anti-jamming capability. Tiny core can be used in the integrated services digital network ISDN transformer. Amorphous strips used to produce super market and sensor tag library security systems. Amorphous alloy magical effect, has broad market prospects.
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