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What is the magnetic film

by:Transmart     2020-10-19
This made of the alloy magnetic film by film formation, such as sputtering and evaporation, formation. By using existing sputtering sputtering device, such as RF sputtering, two DC sputtering, magnetron sputtering, three sputtering, ion beam sputtering or of sputtering targets. In soft magnetic alloy membrane add O ( Oxygen) The reactive sputtering yes, through an inert gas such as Ar and O 2 gas mixture and the sputtering of the mixed gas in the atmosphere. In addition, can also through the use of by the aggregate of rare earth elements are arranged in Fe target and target for composite, in an inert gas such as Ar manufacturing soft magnetic alloy membrane. In addition, the soft magnetic alloy structure can be composed of amorphous phase, or partially including b - c - C structure of microcrystalline phase of Fe. A soft magnetic alloy texture, its fine crystal phase has larger grain size, and represents a significant proportion of crystalline phases, its relatively low resistivity, and contains a large amount of oxygen constitutes a large proportion of amorphous phase. This structure tend to have high resistivity. As mentioned above, through the use of good magnetic properties and high resistivity of soft magnetic alloy film formed on the substrate of spiral plane coil, magnetic components with good magnetic properties can be obtained. Using RF magnetron sputtering device, through by the Ar and 0. 1 to 1. Composed of a mixture of 0 atmosphere using composite composed of Fe target sputtering target, the Fe target layout element of the present invention & # 39; M or M The particles.
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