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What is the use of the ferrite material of the common mode inductor? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-17

The functions of common mode inductors in the circuit are mainly filtering, oscillation, delay, and notch. Common mode inductors are composed of ferrite and magnetic rings. The performance of the common mode inductor is directly related to the performance of the material. Now we mainly talk about the relationship between the performance of common mode inductors and ferrite materials. the

In order to filter out common-mode interference more effectively, the common-mode inductor should have a sufficiently strong inductance. Therefore, it is the most basic requirement for common mode inductors that ferrite materials have high magnetic permeability. On the other hand, the frequency characteristic of the ferrite material is also a key factor in determining the performance of the device. the

Since common-mode interference has a wide frequency spectrum, the impedance of ferrite to common-mode interference only has a maximum value in a specific frequency band. Therefore, in order to filter out common-mode interference in a certain band, the frequency characteristics of the iron core should make the impedance of the device have the largest mismatch with the subsequent circuit in this band, so as to generate sufficient loss for common-mode interference. the

In an actual common-mode inductor, the inductive reactance forms a reflection of common-mode interference, and the impedance is the part that is absorbed and consumed due to ferrite loss. Both parts form the suppression of common mode interference. Therefore, the total impedance of the common-mode inductor ferrite represents the ability of the device to reject common-mode interference. Common-mode inductor ferrite suppliers mostly use the relationship between impedance and frequency to represent the frequency characteristics of the product.
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