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What's the magnetic core of transformer winding is used for

by:Transmart     2020-09-27
A transformer is a kind of electrical equipment, through the principle of electromagnetic induction, the transmit power from one circuit to another, without changing the frequency. The energy transfer is usually as the change of voltage and current. Either increase or decrease voltage of transformer. Transformer used to achieve a variety of o. Some transformer may have several storeys high, as found in power station type or small enough to be in the hand, can use with the camera charging seat. Whatever shape or size, the purpose of the transformer are remain the same: converts electrical energy from one type to another type. There are many different types of transformers in use. The resources will be introduced power transformer, auto transformer, distribution transformer, transformer, voltage transformer and current transformer. It's important to remember that no power transformer; They use a magnetic coupling to transmit power from an AC circuit to another. Transformer core used in current through the winding through provide a controlled transformer magnetic flux generated by the path, also known as the coil windings. Transformer core for transformer winding of magnetic flux provide controlled paths. Core is usually not solid steel bar, but many thin laminated plate, or layer structure. This structure is used to help reduce the heat. Transformers usually has two types: the type and the shell type. These two types to distinguish each other by means of coil is placed around the steel core. When the input voltage applied to the winding, alternating current (ac) began to flow in the windings. As the current flow, establish a changing magnetic field in transformer core. When cut through the magnetic field winding, produce ac voltage in the winding.
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