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What steel laminated iron core because of its factors are justly famous throughout the?

by:Transmart     2020-09-15

Like many electronic devices, the transformer is composed of multiple components, each component and other components work together to ensure a safe and effective energy transmission. In order to better deal with different types of transformer and why they may be suitable for certain applications, check the components is of help in the work. 

 So choose it is not surprising that the proper materials in the function of the transformer plays an indispensable role. There are a series of core, such as steel laminated, solid, ring and transformer core, as well as the changes in their category. Steel laminated iron core because of its high levels of permeability are justly famous throughout, so they are a good option in audio transmission voltage level, because the permeable core reduces the magnetizing current. However, not the laminated steel core with a high level of eddy current loss, the conductive material to meet the changing magnetic field, and can lead to core heating. Solid core, exception is the use of powder core circuit, high magnetic permeability and resistance. 

 When used in the circuit, they are often is suitable for the transmission level higher than the main frequency. For frequency tends to be even higher, iron powder was replaced by the ferrite, ferrite is conductive magnetic ceramic material. In some applications, the winding just be placed in a suitable range, no magnetic core can be completed. Fill the air core space into a main magnetic circuit, will not suffer. However, the leak is very high, air core in the transmission and distribution power is a bad choice. 

 They often appear in the application of radio frequency.
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