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Which two coil sensor magnetic core contains

by:Transmart     2020-10-18
Usually by a set of batteries or battery to provide dc induction coil. Also can use alternating current (ac), but in the early days of X ray, the ac power often. Sensor magnetic core contains two coil: main coil and the secondary coil. The coil is composed of winding iron core line. Outside the coil winding on the coil. When offering coil current induced in the coil of the voltage is greater than the voltage applied to the coil, the ratio of voltage and the number of turns of the two coil at the same rate. For example, if provided to coil voltage is 10 v, and the number of turns in the coil are 200 and 400000 respectively, the coil of the induced voltage is 20000 v. Of voltage in the coil at the same time, it also reduces the current. The problem is that the stable current in coil is not induced in the coil current. For the current in the coil, the coil magnetic field is created that needs to be changed. Accurately, the magnetic field need to experience again and again and change. This is done by opening and closing coil current. Do this device called the interrupter, because it will interrupt current. Arcing chamber type, such as our induction coil, is mechanical. Although the light work may be acceptable, but when using large current, the problems encountered by the mechanical circuit breaker ( For example, reverse arc discharge) 。 Moreover, it is very noisy. For serious work, need mercury interrupt or interruption of electrolysis. Our coil machinery arcing chamber work in the following way.
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