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Why current transformer and voltage transformer secondary winding is grounded in use

by:Transmart     2020-07-23
Current transformer and voltage transformer secondary winding is grounded in the use, is to prevent the transformer insulation is breakdown, the string into the low pressure and high pressure through the transformer and the instrument and the use of personnel, the second point grounding of transformer, does not affect the normal use of equipment, and also guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment. In order to ensure safety, current transformer secondary side must be grounded in current transformer secondary side there is a risk of high pressure protection, to ensure the safety of person and equipment. Current transformer in the process of production, equipment usage status in the time of the system monitor, to ensure the safety of electric power system is used. Current transformer is usually a loop of the large current transform into directly proportional with the two small current, will eventually secondary side small current output to the secondary instrument, relay protection and automatic device to use. Therefore, the current transformer is electrical control, regulation, measurement and protection components ac current source, and secondary circuit electrical contact with a loop of hub. Why can't a current transformer secondary side open? Because of current transformer secondary circuit open circuit, then the secondary current disappear, then the demagnetization effect disappears, will cause the core flux density is very high. And because the secondary winding circle number is greater than the side of a winding circle number, so once the secondary side open circuit, also can appear too high voltage, sometimes up to several thousand volts, so not only endanger the secondary side equipment, serious personal safety.
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