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Why don't, a current transformer can open operation

by:Transmart     2020-07-14
There are several kinds of current transformer with more electromagnetic current transformer, this transformer, can be divided into measurement type current transformer and protection current transformer, of course, this current transformer is not open. Electromagnetic current transformer structure and power transformer has some similar commonly, it is composed of iron core, coil, the difference in a coil current transformer for high current, high voltage, secondary coil and low voltage measuring instrument or relay coil is linked together, the current transformer is close to the state of short circuit. Current transformer secondary loop don't open at run time, because of the current transformer during normal operation, it's a magnetic potential and the second magnetic potential is balanced, excitation magnetic potential is small, magnetic density and the secondary coil of core of induction electromotive force is not high, if the secondary coil open circuit, a magnetic potential is used in the field, saturated iron core will depth, magnetic density increased to flat state, open circuit of secondary coil will generate waveform amplitude for the fastigium wave high induction electromotive force, that is to say, the secondary coil will generate high overvoltage, the high voltage electrical equipment and personal safety caused great danger. At the same time due to the secondary loop after open, serious saturation, will make the core cause overheating, and to current transformer burned. So run, will never allow current transformer secondary circuit open circuit.
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