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Working principle of automatic winding machine

by:Transmart     2022-12-21

1 Process requirements of automatic winding machine for voltage transformer

(1) Automatic winding machine, the speed is adjustable, and the winding should follow automatically;

(2) According to the needs, input the wire diameter and the number of winding turns, and automatically calculate the number of turns of each layer and the total number of layers; (3) It is required to start at low speed, run at high speed, and run at low speed before stopping;

(4) Necessary protection measures should be taken, such as short circuit, overload, disconnection, limit and other protection measures.

2 electrical design ideas

voltage transformer

(1) According to the requirements of the winding motor of the main shaft of the automatic winding machine, the speed can be adjusted, and the speed is adjusted by the frequency converter. The power of the main shaft motor is small. In the design process, a 0.75KW, 220V micro frequency converter is used, and a 220V single-phase power supply Input, 380V three-phase power output, the power supply is widely used, suitable for various occasions, no need for three-phase power supply, two forms of manual speed regulation and automatic speed regulation are adopted for speed regulation. In the inverter settings, the low-speed operating frequency is set to 2Hz, the speed is about 50 revolutions per minute, the medium-speed operating frequency is set to 30Hz, the 'speed is about 850 revolutions per minute, the hiccup speed operating frequency is set to 50Hz, and the speed It is about 1450 revolutions per minute, and the countdown time is set to 1S. Because the motor is not equipped with braking equipment, it adopts a natural stop, so it must run at a high speed for 4~5 turns before stopping, otherwise due to the inertia of the motor, it will cause problems when it stops. error.

(2) The cable control part uses a stepping motor to control the horizontal movement of the ball screw. The stepping motor controller adopts a two-phase subdivision controller. Subdivision control up to 20,000 pulses. The pitch of the ball screw is designed to be 50mm, and the control accuracy of the cable arrangement reaches 0.0025mm, which is sufficient to meet the wire diameter requirements of various enameled wires.

(3) The linkage part of the main shaft and the cable uses a rotary encoder to sample the pulse data from the main shaft winding motor, and controls the pulse number of the stepping motor through a programmable controller, so that the horizontal movement of the cable is consistent with the In the design process of spindle speed synchronization, a rotary encoder with 1000 pulses per revolution and dual output is used, which can count forward and reverse. Due to the large number of pulses and high sampling frequency, the transistor output type is used when selecting the programmable controller. In the programmable controller, 32-bit high-speed counting input is used, and 1000 pulse output is used to control the step when controlling the positioning of the wiring. The motor is positioned horizontally.

(4) The data input part adopts the touch screen input. The touch screen is connected to the programmable controller. As the input control of the programmable controller, various initial data are set in the touch screen. According to the actual use, data such as wire diameter, turns, and width can be input. After inputting the wire diameter and width , the programmable controller performs numerical calculation and divides the width by the wire diameter to obtain the number of layers of turns. During the calculation process, different winding gaps are added according to the input wire diameter to make the equipment run accurately and reliably within the total number of turns Divide the number of turns by the number of layers to get the total number of layers, and automatically calculate the total height of the wound coil according to the diameter of the winding wire and the thickness of the insulating paper It is used as an operation monitor to display the operation data of the equipment on the touch screen. The operator compares and adjusts the data according to the displayed data, so that the product meets the national standard.

(5) A magnetic tensioner is used for tension control in the wound enameled wire device, and the tightness of the enameled wire can be adjusted by adjusting the control voltage of the magnetic tensioner.

(6) In terms of protection measures, inductive proximity switches are used to protect the left and right limits of the cable, fuses and leakage protection switches are used at the power input end for short-circuit protection and leakage protection, and wire breakage protection is installed in the enameled wire inlet device , The overload protection of the spindle motor is completed through the setting of the frequency converter.

3 working principle

Before starting the machine, fix the iron core of the voltage transformer to be wound on the bracket, and fix the wound enameled wire. After the operator enters the parameters of the coil to be wound, including the wire diameter, number of turns, width and other data, through the available The programmable controller automatically calculates the numerical value and displays parameters such as the number of layer turns and the total number of layers on the touch screen. Start the spindle motor, and after the motor winds 2~3 laps at a slow speed, it starts to run at high speed. At this time, the speed can be adjusted by the pedal speed control switch or by automatic adjustment, and the maximum speed can reach 1400 revolutions per minute. The cable is moved horizontally synchronously according to the winding direction of the main shaft. When the number of turns of the layer is approaching, the frequency converter controls the main shaft motor to automatically speed up, and the motor stops after running at a slow speed for 4~5. Since the motor is not equipped with braking equipment and uses natural parking, it must decelerate 4~5 turns before stopping, otherwise errors will occur when the motor stops due to the running inertia of the motor. After one layer is finished, apply insulating paper, and then restart the operation. The direction of the cable runs in the opposite direction automatically. When the total number of turns reaches the first 4~5 turns, the inverter controls the spindle motor to automatically decelerate, and the motor stops after running at a slow speed for 4~5 .

In the actual use of the voltage transformer automatic winding machine, the work intensity of the operator can be greatly reduced, and the work efficiency can be greatly improved. It has been well received by many manufacturers.

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