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1 j85 usually used in alternating magnetic field? _

by:Transmart     2020-10-23

1 j85 usually used in alternating magnetic field. Because of alternating magnetization is the eddy current loss material, so the resistivity is smaller, the greater the thickness, and the higher the frequency of alternating magnetic field, the greater the eddy current loss, lower magnetic.

 Therefore, need to be material chip ( Ribbon) And coated on the surface of the insulating layer, the formation of a surface oxide insulating layer or using some method. Usually 1 j85 use magnesium oxide electrophoresis coating. 

 The alloy has a low resistivity, is not easy to use under high frequency. 1 j85 magnetic core on the inside stress and impurity is more sensitive. Need to be in a protective atmosphere or vacuum annealing was carried out on the forming of the component, to purify the material, eliminating stress and improving the magnetic inside. 

 After heat treatment, will use these components to avoid vibration, extrusion, collision, etc. Permanent magnetic foil for soft magnetic alloy in weak magnetic field with high permeability and low coercive force, widely used in radio electronics, precision instruments and meters, remote control and automatic control system. Combination is mainly used for energy conversion and information processing, these two aspects is the important material in the national economy. Soft magnetic alloy under the action of an external magnetic field in the easy magnetization, largely disappeared after removal of magnetic field, magnetic induction intensity and magnetic alloy. Hysteresis loop area is small and narrow, the coercive force is in commonly 800 a/m below.                                

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