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, a customized common-mode inductor winding machine production

by:Transmart     2020-08-10
Common-mode inductor as a unique inductive product, in the power circuit has the effect of inductance, is unable to substitute, however, common mode inductor production compared to other inductance and more multifarious. Common-mode inductor is different from the basic of i-section inductor, SMD inductance, is all in a touch with mass production of products, inductor manufacturers in view of the production common-mode inductor, commonly used two kinds of production methods, one is a more basic method of producing artificial service, also with a kind of is application in the production of rich experience in the unique winding machine to carry out the production. Before an magnets must receive a common-mode inductance of the customer, the customer must common-mode inductor, rules are 6. 2 mh, 5 a rated voltage. An magnets have a look at the main parameters of the simple, understanding, this unique custom common-mode inductor must be carried out. Due to the main parameters of common mode inductor rules established, in which the power flow regulation is higher, so the common-mode inductor can not used too thin silk covered wire production, copper specifications also relativity is very large. Make a resolution, an magnets was already well to use artificial service coil inductance production are prepared ahead of time, but with an attitude of simply trying to winding machine to carry out adjustment, can have a look at the production. But thanks to an magnets has a very rich and colorful inductance production experience, for it must be customized common-mode inductor can be applied to production line machine. At present, this kind of custom common-mode inductor products to customer already.
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