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A new technology of domestic amorphous strip

by:Transmart     2020-05-20
The first two years in hebei province major science and technology reform project 'domestic industrialization application technology research and development of amorphous strip' science and technology department of hebei province after the group of senior experts acceptance. Province deputy director-general of the science and technology department of yu-ming guo grand attend YanShouHui, provincial science and technology department of high and new, baoding science and technology is mainly responsible for the positions of people joined the YanShouHui. The project development team has carried out based on the domestic made of amorphous strip of amorphous iron core center for structural presupposition, produce process, equipment, performance tests and application technology research and development and industrialization of fame experienced construction, optimize the manufacturing process of amorphous iron core. Developed and improved in the production process of china-africa crystal amorphous alloy iron core core lamination preset, amorphous strip shearing, forming, heat treatment of iron core of iron core, iron core residual stress alleviation of key technologies, such as do domestic distribution transformer with iron base amorphous strip yield optimization of manufacturing process technology and equipment technology, developed a performance more good than it used to be a new generation of amorphous strip, its performance to achieve the same level of Hitachi metal strip, system of research and development at the same time try to make the width of the leading level of distribution transformer with iron base amorphous strip, get fruit of amorphous strip production technology in China has greatly improved. Amorphous alloy as green energy-saving high-tech materials, and production of transformer core material used in comparison, have apparent energy saving, environmental protection and efficient unique place and advantage. Amorphous strip production process iron loss is only about 20% of the top level of cold-rolled an, distribution transformer used in the amorphous alloy iron core, can make the transformer no-load damage to reduce 60% 80%, is a kind of typical green production and green color application of phase conjugation 'double green' high efficiency and energy saving materials. During the project of the departure date obtained with a number of independent intellectual property rights center and technological achievements, country 3 to create patents (at the request of the Has power to entrust item 2) 1, PCT patents, foster the professional and technical personnel 52 people. The successful development of this project, not only to expand the influence of the production technology of amorphous field in hebei province have shut, and fill in the blank in the field of amorphous material application technology in our country, have helped the group enhances our country electric power system energy saving and amorphous high-end production technology in the field of international competition ability.
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