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A small number of lines of magnetic force core winding device

by:Transmart     2020-09-18
The thickness of these steel laminated transformer from 0. 25 mm to zero. 5 mm range, steel as a conductor, laminated and bolt, rivets or bolts through the thin oxide layer on the surface of the insulating varnish coating or a table. Usually, associated with transformer structure depends on the name of the primary winding and secondary winding around the laminated steel core winding. The two common and basic structure of transformer design is closed and shell core transformer. In the 'closed core' model ( Core form) Winding transformer, the primary and secondary windings in the external ring and around the core. In the 'shell' ( Shell mold) Transformer winding in the form of steel magnetic circuit ( Iron core) , the magnetic circuit around the winding forming shell, in the design of two types of transformer core, connecting the primary and secondary windings of magnetic flux in the core, through the air flux without loss. In iron core transformer structure, each half of the winding winding in transformer magnetic circuit of each leg ( Or body) Around, the coil not decorated one leg on the primary winding and secondary winding on the other leg, but half of the half of the primary winding and secondary winding on the leg with one on another, in order to increase the magnetic coupling field lines at the same time through the primary and secondary windings. However, for this type of structure of transformer, magnetic core coiling device a few lines on the outside of the core flow, this is known as 'magnetic flux leakage. Shell type transformer core to overcome the leakage magnetic flux, because the primary and secondary windings are wound on the same leg or limb, it has two limbs of twice the cross-sectional area. The advantage is that here, the magnetic flux has two closed magnetic circuit, before returning to the coil in the external flow in left and right sides of the coil. This means that the magnetic flux around the outside of this kind of transformer structure limb is Φ / 2. Due to the magnetic flux around the coil with a closed path, therefore has the advantage that the core losses and overall efficiency.
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