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Amorphous soft magnetic alloy material aging stability study

by:Transmart     2020-05-12
Amorphous soft magnetic alloy material aging stability research as an important part of the transformer, there are strict requirements to its, in addition to have excellent performance, long service life are also important factors. Now the enterprise production of transformer core is made by the alloy material, this is a new type of high-tech materials. Because of the amorphous alloy has its specificity, stability, under certain conditions has the tendency of crystallization, it is feared that with longer duration of use, the amorphous alloy magnetic can be lost due to crystallization. Deng said, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, with everything is talking with the most accurate. The amorphous alloy iron core is long running under actual use tiptoe, observe its magnetic changes. Abroad in the area of amorphous transformer core study earlier than our country a lot, a lot of transformer is used by this kind of material, according to the current information, the transformer has been operating normally, show that amorphous iron core through long time work, magnetic energy will not disappear, aging stability is reliable. Starting in the 80 s in China will be amorphous alloy applied in the field of transformer, protection switch, etc, so far has not been as core performance deteriorated in case of product failure. This fully prove that amorphous stability in aging technology in China is reliable and safe. Amorphous alloy material has many kinds, if all the actual operation for a long time, that is not safe and waste of resources, clearly not reality. So let's come to the conclusion by experiment. It is well known that amorphous alloy crystallization trend will happen at certain temperatures, we found that the index law rapidly decreasing trend with the temperature lower city. By the host in a rule, we can use in the laboratory using high temperature aging experiment for a short period of time to prove material aging stability. From the experimental data, the heat efficiency of the amorphous alloy is very good, can satisfy the requirement of daily equipment required.
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