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Are you hard magnet has stronger directional _

by:Transmart     2020-09-19
Impermeable materials ( Air, or even vacuum) Will make the magnetic field lines into the space. Permalloy core it actually has no effect on the surrounding environment. It doesn't store much energy. Hard magnetic conductivity materials will not be allowed to external magnetic field lines into the area. Hard magnet has stronger directional, not easily to change its direction, and the soft magnet in the presence of applied magnetic field will be relatively easy to change its direction. Table 8. 5 lists the characteristics of the soft magnetic materials needed, and lists some typical example has many applications. The ideal soft magnetic material will have zero coercive force ( Hc) , the bigger of the saturation magnetization ( 5 satx zero remanent magnetization ( Br) , zero hysteresis loss and larger/xr Max firi. Table 8. 5 lists with magnetic ferrite, pure iron, while soft, usually is not used for electrical equipment ( Except a few specific relay type application) , because of its good conductivity allows in changing magnetic field induction large eddy current. The induced eddy current in the iron can lead to the joule loss ( RI2) , this is don't want to, is added in the iron percentage of silicon ( Ferrosilicon) Often referred to as silicon steel, can increase the resistivity, thus reduce the eddy current silicon is widely used in electric power transformer and motor. Content is about 77% Ni - 23% Fe of nickel and iron is a kind of important soft magnetic materials, with low coercive force, low hysteresis loss and high permeability ( Nri and ax) - - - - - - High fire makes the alloy is suitable for the low magnetic field application in high frequency work usually found selected soft magnetic materials and their typical values and application
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