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Casing current transformer core and explain the relevant terms

by:Transmart     2020-09-21
Casing current transformer core and explain the relevant terms 1, a winding primary winding by transformation of the winding current. 2, secondary winding, secondary winding supply measuring instrument, meter, relay, or other similar electric current loop winding of power supply. 3 the secondary circuit, secondary circuit by the magnetic core of transformer secondary winding external circuit of power supply. 4, rated primary current rated primary current as a current value of performance benchmark of current transformer. 5, the rated secondary current rated secondary current as a current transformer secondary current value of performance benchmark. 6, the aCTual current than the aCTual transformation thewire real time current required the ratio of the secondary current. 7, and rated current, rated the transformation thewire current transformer rated primary current and the ratio of the rated secondary current. 8, current error ( Ratio error) 当前的错误( 比错误) Current transformer in the measurement of current error, it is because the actual current and rated current ratio is not equal. The percentage of the current error value with the type table type: the current error = ( 100 ( KnIs - Ip) / Ip) The % type: Kn - - Rated current ratio; www。 pw0。 cn Ip - - Real time current, A; 是- - Measurement conditions by IP when the secondary current, A. 9, phase difference phase below primary current and secondary current vector of phase. Vector direction of ideal transformer in the phase difference is zero. If the secondary current vector ahead of a current vector, phase difference as positive. It is usually expressed in cent arc or li arc. ( Note: this definition is just right for sinusoidal current. ) 10 and accurate level accuracy class level of current transformer is given. Transformer in specified conditions of use error should be within the prescribed limits. 11, load burden of secondary loop impedance, expressed in ohms and power factor. Load normally with apparent power volt ampere value, said it is stipulated in the power factor and under the rated secondary current draw. 12, the rated load rated burden CT secondary level over-voltage protector accurately determine the transformer and the secret according to the load value. 13, rated output, rated output in the rated secondary current and connect with the rated load condition, the transformer is apparent power value of the secondary loop ( Under the regulations, the power factor expressed as a volt ampere) 。 14 device of high voltage hightest voltage equipment of high voltage square root value of the alternate with, which represents the transformer insulation design is based on it. 15 and the rated insulation level rsted insulation level CTB - 6 a set of withstand voltage value, which represents the transformer can withstand the pressure of degree
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