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Core coil sensor consists of how many copper wire coils

by:Transmart     2020-10-17
When current is applied to the coil, the contact arm at the end of the hammer to be pulled to the end of the iron core is magnetized iron contact. This will interrupt the circuit breaker contact, to prevent current flow to the coil. Because core will not be magnetized, returns to its normal static contact arm position. When this happens, the circuit breaker contacts closed again. The result is open and close the main current. It is the repeated build lead to high voltage in the coil of the magnetic field. We are from the previous tutorial know about inductors, inductance is able to store energy in the form of magnetic field devices. Inductors by a separate conductor loop, to produce coil, and if the coil inside the loop number, is for the same amount of current flows through a coil, magnetic flux will also increase. Core coil sensor is composed of 500 copper coils, when through 10 amp dc current, produce 10 MWB flux. Calculated on a fine long hair hang self inductance coil. Coil self-induction or accurately, self-inductance depends on its structure feature. For example, the size, length, number of turns, etc. Therefore, through the use of high permeability core and a large number of coil number of turns, you can make the inductance instrument has high self inductance. Then for coil, the flux is equal to the kernel. If the lap length N per meter long is hollow inner core of electromagnetic coil, then the induction will be given as follows. As a result of the coil inductance is caused because of its magnetic flux around, for a given current value, the stronger the magnetic flux, the greater the inductance. As a result, many will have a number of turns of the coil is higher than one of a few turns of the inductance value.
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