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Core core winding machine with automatic winding core production

by:Transmart     2020-10-09
Compared with the simple cardboard core, core winding by the high quality technical plastics ( PVC, PP) Made of winding core provides many advantages. Plastic core helps to protect the quality of the winding material, because they have high pressure resistance, even if the wall thickness is very thin. In addition, they have good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. Because of its good mechanical performance, they can achieve clean dust-free production. Plastic core is cost-effective solution for finish machining field. Core core winding machine using a continuous feed process automatic winding core. As a result, with less effective compared to the 'cut and stack' core, winding core of high production efficiency. Through the machine Settings, the adjustable core manufacturers to produce consistent gap model, bringing it up to the required specifications, the production of flexible and effective. We qidong an electric appliance co. , LTD. The products are used in the core of the annular core production fully automatic winding machine, used in the manufacture of the grain oriented steel circular coil, for small transformer, transmitter, instrument and voltage transformer, reactor and variable voltage transformer. The machine is equipped with new PLC system, equipped with LCD touch screen. Based on discrete winding filament winding machine and compound production line based on the use of marching along the axis of the spindle bracket will be fiber filament winding on the cylindrical mold or spindle laying principle. Spindle fixed shaft bracket, the heart and the asynchronous motor rotation.
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