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Each system's core is the core of intelligent sensor

by:Transmart     2020-10-08
Our sensor magnetic core system from sediments and the core of rapid and nondestructive to obtain high resolution ( Usually downward spacing of 1 cm to 10 cm) Geophysical and geochemical data. System to provide the high quality of multi-parameter stratigraphy made before we can describe the vision or support phase classification and soil/rock type. Eventually, it can improve need destructive or senior lab testing lab test plan. Core logging service team to follow each core size and type of liner calibration procedures strictly, in order to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the data collection. Can accept with or without metal or plastic lining sediment or rock core, length of 1. 5 meters, diameter is 155 mm. Physical elements and mineralogical properties can from the entire or split/plate core sample, no matter whether they are in the liner. Data set before ruinous lab tests or visual record provides important information about core heterogeneity and homogeneity. Sensor magnetic core core each system's core is the core of intelligent sensor, a 9 shaft sensor, to monitor blood vessels movement in three dimensional space. Innovative sensor core combined the advanced solid state sensors and automatic sensor. Core strengths: 1, clear monitoring course, pitch, roll and yaw, make the autopilot in sea state and dynamics change immediately when the development of the ship. 2, flexible installation options. Installed on the deck above or below. 3, solid state sensor technology can provide under the condition of dynamic accuracy within 2 degrees. 4, plate automatic compensation of magnetic field and the arctic and Antarctic extreme on heading accuracy.
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