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In the transformer transformer core layer pressure is what causes

by:Transmart     2020-09-27
Transformer transformer core lamination because we want to limit the so-called vortex. The transformer is basically around two core winding coil. They work by induction. When the electric current in a conductor ( Or a set of windings of the transformer) In the flow, induction, and surrounding the conductor ( The group winding) Another conductor (formed by magnetic field sweep Another set of winding) And the induction voltage. In order to increase the efficiency of transformer, we need to improve the magnetic field from a set of coupled to another set of windings. Iron transmission lines well, so we use it to help the conduction from A to B coil coil magnetic field lines. The problem is, iron is also a conductor, and it is the magnetic field. If we don't have if you use a laminated iron core will provide lines of magnetic force ( Induction) Current position and current flows in the core will rapidly heating core and waste of energy. By cascading transformer core, we can break down and limit the vortex core within the current path. Considering the importance of the coil, remember that a lot of problems when the design, such as manufacturing on sexual function, long service life, economy, etc. The weight of the appropriate age to carefully choose the suitable material and optimize the efficiency of the shape of the cell as transformers depends entirely on the key part. Laminated core to these reduced to small, because they interfere with the effective energy transfer from primary to secondary coil. Eddy current when it is heated in the transformer core causes energy loss from the transformer, this means that the electrical energy is wasted as heat. You don't need Laminated means by the iron of the insulation layer together, rather than in a single solid block. Cascade transformer core is better than with the same number of domain of laminated iron core high resistance. So it will have so much in the current.
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