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Inductor core winding structure has four basic factors

by:Transmart     2020-10-06
Inductor core winding structure has four basic factors determine the inductance. All of these factors through affecting the magnetic field force to quantitative ( Through inductor coil current) Can produce many magnetic flux to determine the inductance: the same situation in other factors, more coil leads to large inductance coil; Fewer coil leads to smaller inductance coil. To give quantitative coil current, coil means more coil will generate a large amount of magnetic force. Other factors in the same circumstances, the greater the magnetic core's permeability of coil winding and inductance is larger; Magnetic core's permeability is smaller, the smaller inductance. On how to give quantitative field force, has large magnetic permeability of magnetic core materials can produce large magnetic flux. If the core material is a big lag, there will be strange influence on the coil inductance. Magnetic core inductors designers trying to design the magnetic flux density will not come close to saturation level influence these small changes, so the inductor in the linear part B/H. If the design inductor makes one of these factors can change at will, the inductance will change accordingly. Variometer usually by providing on time to change the way the number of coil in use, or by changing the core material ( Can move into and out of the sliding core coil) To make. This photo shows an example of a design before: the device to use copper sliding contact access coil in difference place along its length. Shown in unit happens to be used in early radio work moving coil inductors.
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