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Inventory vibration sensor magnetic core application in each big industry

by:Transmart     2020-10-05
Vibration sensor magnetic core what are the applications? This is many, small make up take you know about the today. See how the sensor magnetic core all have, how in the industry. We must first understand that sensor is used to examine the impact or vibration acceleration, can be used to alarm detection system can also be used for monitoring of mechanical vibration and displacement data, is a key part of the test technique, involved in many industries, common cars, medicine, machinery manufacturing, energy and chemical industry, etc. ,. Since to count, let's watch the below. With industrial production development of industrial motors, industrial production will be more and more dependent on the use of the motor and related equipment, when there is imbalance, loose equipment, and other abnormal phenomenon is converted into vibration, so that the accuracy of the drop, serious still can cause security issues, with vibration sensor monitoring can effectively avoid productivity losses, eliminate the position offset, etc. Car alarm above we said can be used to alarm system, car alarm without it, when the car body under external force damage, the car will generate alarm, sensor sends a signal to the controller instructs the vibration intensity. Urban road to protect urban roads have involved? Take a look at! By adding a set of inspection system in the bus, can at any time to collect information about the road condition, can effectively maintain roads damaged, correct the city traffic safety situation. Long distance pipeline safety distributed optical fiber vibration sensing technology with the development of optical fiber communication technology and gradually developed a new type of vibration sensing technology, the system can realize long-distance oil pipeline safety, effectively to ensure the safety of oil and gas pipeline. Pump unit vibration sensors in the pump room unit again have what effect? Vibrate when the pump house or unit, sensor will analyze the cause of vibration, so as to find the root cause in order to solve the problem. Ski ski also have help? Mainly to help novice ski to balance, can by hand and leg skiing vibration sensor, obtain real-time guidance, can fast accurate control body posture. In addition to the above application, vibration sensor is also applied to other areas, not say clear here, you know a few typical.
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