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Is Soft Magnetic Materials tested before shipment?
Pre-shipment review (PSI) is just one of many excellent control evaluations conducted by Transmart Industrial Limited. This review is based on regular QC testing or on client request. Based on these standards and processes, samples have been randomly chosen and flaws are assessed. For all of us, pre-shipment review is an important step in the quality management procedure and a means to confirm the grade of this Soft Magnetic Materials before dispatch.
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Transmart is a professional manufacturer of nanocrystalline ribbon. We have the experience and expertise to enjoy a good development prospect in the global market. The silicon steel transformer core series is one of the main products of Transmart. Transmart emc core has a scientific design. It is based on environmental/climatic factors such as light, temperature, wind, sound, touch or passenger/user demand. The case can be customized into one that is insulation taped or epoxy coated. The product is anti-bacterial. Its materials have been added with non-toxic bacteria resistant agent which can effectively kill harmful germs. This product works most stably and effectively under low-frequency conditions.

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