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Is the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet on the transformer core what kind of role do you have?

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

first of all, is more commonly used the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet on the transformer core, it is also used to make silicon steel sheet. Speaking of silicon steel, in terms of its actual, to a great extent, actually is also a kind of containing silicon ( Silicon is also called silicon) Steel, in terms of the silicon content of itself, is also at 0. 8% ~ 4. 8%.

made of silicon steel ultra-thin silicon steel core transformer, its will to a large extent, in fact is because silicon itself, actually is also a kind of relatively strong ability of permeability of a magnetic material, its electricity coil in speaking, to a large extent, actually is also will produce a magnetic induction intensity is larger.

in this way, it will to a large extent also is actually from direct makes the volume of the narrow mouth transformer under a state of communication (as it is not only a loss of power will be above the resistance of the coil, in addition, we will actually is also noticed that it will produce under the alternating current magnetic core. In general, it actually is also in a certain extent will direct the power loss is called 'the iron losses of iron core, 'iron losses because of two reasons for this is a' hysteresis losses', the other is 'eddy current loss.

then, hysteresis loss also is actually in the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core in the magnetization process, because the existence of the hysteresis phenomenon directly produce the related iron loss phenomenon. Is the loss of the size and material of hysteresis loop is surrounded on the area size of actually is also can present the magnetic hysteresis is directly proportional to silicon steel line is small, use it as part of the transformer iron core on hysteresis loss will be relatively small, can make its less on the degree of fever.

transformer at the time of work, can have generation of alternating current coil is namely the flux, can appear the phenomenon of alternating. Changes of magnetic flux in ultra-thin silicon steel sheet is actually produce induced current of iron core. Ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core of the induced current in fact also is in the direction of the vertical Ding Zitong plane circulation.
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