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SMC magnetic and mechanical properties

by:Transmart     2020-10-21
The aim of this work was to evaluate the proposed SMC magnetic and mechanical properties of 18, with the commercial products can be obtained through comparing the magnetic and mechanical properties. Analysis, also consider to 17, to simplify the process to apply to the mechanical stress on the mould pressure heat treatment after 19, 20, and 21; Economics 22 is insignificant to consider at this stage in research activities, but anyway is considered to be an interesting assessment factors. Soft magnetic alloy and considering the plastic adhesive and using different percentage of different compaction pressure of SMC products. The experimental results show that, compared with basic I. 我。 P。 C, magnetic, mechanical performance is better. Product one step is to use of electric coated with a thin layer of pure iron powder particles. The proposed SMC begins with a common ferromagnetic powder manufacture, each grain. The basic idea is to add a kind of adhesive, the adhesive has keep grain structure and the function of the power supply margin together. In the current study activities, the attention is focused on the resin is suitable for using. And in Turin university of Alexandria campus plastic team opportunities, choose the several kinds of resin in the broad panorama is possible. 14 or 17 with phenolic resin are introduced in this implementation of SMC, it is well known and used to implement the metal compounds, in the field of auto brake, prove that the mechanical stress has the very high. Suggested by the powder mixture is easy to manufacture, and do not need to spray or resin bath process, such as the good mixed operation, and does not require a long time at high temperature ( 150°C) For a long time of heat treatment rather than the normally within the stipulated time instead of 500 ° C. For these reasons, cost-effective material and process.
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