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Special C - audio power amplifier The CORE CORE

by:Transmart     2021-01-23

C- CORE CORE, EI type iron CORE and R type iron CORE, they are used for audio power amplifier of a transformer. Including C - CORE CORE, these three words, they will actually is also direct will each have their advantages and disadvantages, it is because of this, so we should pay attention to, in terms of its strict, either by a transformer, it can be the best.

but, in fact, we also can directly, up from structure, ring type C - CORE CORE can achieve minimum leakage, however, we also is to pay attention to, actually on its sense of voice, it actually is, EI type can directly sense of the intermediate frequency density do more better.

however, we also is to actually pay attention to, and C - CORE CORE comparison, our list in terms of its magnetic saturation, actually EI type than the ring type strong some, but in terms of its on the efficiency, the ring and will directly is better than that of EI type. It was also because of this, in terms of the key words, in fact, that is, is that we must can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, then in fact also is to direct them directly and fully to exert their advantages.

but we C - CORE CORE itself, the us, actually is also we want to directly is the most fundamental factor of transformer. But at the moment of form, for the ring transformer itself, it also is still a mainstream of our current audio power amplifier and the dominant factors.

in the end, we actually is also to note that a C - CORE CORE is actually directly should have the quality of the transformer, and then, we will find that, in terms of its quality is good or bad, it's really for sound effects can be bigger, that is, we actually is also can be directly to C - The CORE CORE make further changes in the structure, make it one aspect can reach more perfect.
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