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Types and applications of nanocrystalline magnetic cores

Types and applications of nanocrystalline magnetic cores


Nanocrystalline cores has high permeability, high full magnetic induction strength, low coercivity and low loss. Suitable for EMC / EMI filter, common mode inductance, high frequency transformer, frequency converter, current transformer and other occasions. It has also been widely used in the field of new energy, such as solar inverter, wind power generation and so on

Nanocrystalline cores

Nanocrystalline magnetic sheet has very high magnetic conductivity. It is mainly used at the wireless charging receiving end of mobile phone to shield the disturbance of electromagnetic to mobile phone, reduce energy loss and improve charging efficiency. It can also be used in other wireless charging fields, such as automotive wireless charger. The thinnest thickness of nanocrystalline magnetic sheet can reach 0.1mm, and the thickness can also be added to obtain higher functions. Various standards and shapes can be customized according to customer needs.

Nanocrystalline core for common mode inductor, high permeability, used for EMC common mode inductor and EMI filter.

Nanocrystalline magnetic core has extremely high permeability and wide frequency characteristics. It still has high permeability up to 30MHz high frequency. It is very suitable for EMC filters and common mode inductors to suppress common mode noise. Compared with traditional soft magnetic materials, such as ferrite core, nanocrystalline core has obvious advantages, high inductance, good filtering effect, small volume, less turns of copper wire, high efficiency and energy saving.

Nanocrystalline c core

Compared with the boxed magnetic core, the epoxy coated nanocrystalline magnetic core has smaller volume, less copper wire, low copper loss, reduced cost, energy saving and space saving. Suitable for micro filter, common mode inductor, ISDN network transformer, network filter, EMC filter, IGBT / MOSFET drive transformer, HD camera signal transmission transformer / filter.

Special nanocrystalline magnetic core for DC bus of new energy electric vehicle, customized EMC oval amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic core, frequency converter EMI magnetic core

The elliptical nanocrystalline core is mainly used for common mode filter inductance, which is convenient to pass directly through the bus. It is mainly used between frequency converter and motor to filter high-frequency noise to protect frequency converter and motor bearing. It is widely used in new energy electric vehicle powertrain and charging station.

Nanocrystalline block core. The nanocrystalline block is made of 25 micron thick nanocrystalline belt. The nanocrystalline block has the characteristics of low core loss and high permeability. It is suitable for high-frequency transformers, inductors, sensors and wind turbines.

Nanocrystalline block core

Nanocrystalline C-core and amorphous C-core are upgraded products, with high full flux density, low coercivity, low core loss, very low noise and high frequency up to 20kHz. They are suitable for main transformer, output inductor and boost PFC choke. It can replace ferrite core. Standards can be customized.

Amorphous and nanocrystalline gap magnetic cores are suitable for high current output inductors, PFC chokes, differential mode chokes and Hall effect sensor concentrators. They have the first-order benefits of high full magnetic flux density and low core loss. Replace high magnetic core at low cost.

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