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Using the mathematical model method to diagnose sensor fault core?

by:Transmart     2020-10-07
Based on the mathematical model of magnetic core of method to diagnose sensor fault? When fault occurs in the first place is to diagnosis, and see what went wrong, it is convenient to solve, from a different perspective, we adopted in fault diagnosis method is more than one, if this classification, can be divided into two kinds, one is based on the analytical method of the mathematical model, another is not dependent on mathematical model method. Today we talk about one of them, based on the analytical method of the mathematical model. The following to meet together. Based on the analytic mathematical model method to diagnose the fault really good? What are the advantages and disadvantages? According to the residual error produced in the form of different, the method based on analytic mathematical model can be further divided into: parameter estimation method, the state estimation method and the equivalent space method. Fault diagnosis method based on the model, it is a kind of early diagnostic methods developed, at the same time is also a kind of research and application of diagnosis methods. Advantage is model mechanism of clear, simple structure, easy implementation, easy analysis, real-time diagnosis. Has an important position in the field of fault diagnosis, will still be in the future development is the main research direction of sensor fault diagnosis method. The disadvantage is that large amount of calculation, the system is complex, the modeling error, poor adaptability of the model; On sex differences, prone to false positives, the phenomenon such as omission, the robustness of the external disturbance and system is insensitive to noise and interference. At present, the research achievements of this diagnosis method are still largely focused on linear systems, the deep study of general nonlinear system fault diagnosis technology is of great importance, at the same time, the robustness problem also has the very high research value. The above method can you get it? Does seem a little complicated? Really fail after all sensor magnetic core, a lot of people also can't repair, only for people to just dig in.
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