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What about the scale of Transmart?
Transmart Industrial Limited has been supplying Soft Magnetic Materials to many small and medium-sized companies for years. We have built a factory covering a large area. We have a factory being equipped with large-scale heavy-duty machines and full sets of production lines to ensure high-efficiency work. Also, we have a complete set of the quality management system so as to guarantee a high qualification ratio. More importantly, employees, as the backbone of the company, including designers, R&D staff, technicians, and after-sales professionals are all well trained to perform their duties well.
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Transmart is a trustable manufacturer of amorphous cut core. Experience and expertise are essential to our ability to stay ahead of the industry. The common mode chokes series is one of the main products of Transmart. Fine workmanship has been adopted during the production of Transmart amorphous core manufacturers. It is fabricated under mold shaping or compression molding to achieve robust and stiff mechanical structure. The product has a high power throughput. The product is highly resistant to abrasion. It has passed the abrasion test that aims to check its performance under certain burdens and at different speeds. It is commonly installed in transformers, reactors, inductors, breakers, inverters, etc.

In order to meet needs of customers, we also supplies the best service for customers except offered common mode chokes with high performance. Check it!

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