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What are common types, a transformer?

by:Transmart     2020-08-10
What are common types, a transformer? A, according to the number of phase points: 1. Single-phase transformer: used for single-phase load and three-phase transformer group. 2. Three-phase transformer: used for three-phase system voltage fluctuation. Second, according to the cooling method: 1. Dry type transformer: rely on air natural convection cooling or increase the cooling fan, mainly used in high-rise buildings, highway toll station, local lighting, such as electronic circuit power consumption of small capacity transformer. : 2, oil-immersed transformer oil as cooling medium, such as oil-immersed natural cooling and oil-immersed forced-air cooling, oil cooling, forced oil circulation, etc. Three, according to use classification: 1, the power transformer: used for power distribution system voltage of rise and fall. 2, instrument transformer: measurement such as transformer, current transformer, instruments and relay protection device. 3, test transformer: can produce high voltage, electrical equipment for high voltage test. 4, special transformer, electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, adjustment, electrostatic capacitance type transformer, phase shifting transformer, etc. Four, according to the winding form: 1. Double winding transformer: used to join two working voltage level of power supply system. 2, three winding transformer: generally used in the regional power system transformer substation, connecting the three voltage levels. 3, self coupling transformer: used to connect to different voltage of power system. Also can be used as ordinary booster or fall after the transformer. Five, according to the form of core points: 1, the core type transformer: used for high voltage power transformer. 2. Amorphous alloy transformer, amorphous alloy iron core transformer by a new type of magnetic material, no-load current reduced about 80%. 3, shell transformer: used in electric furnace transformer, electric welding transformer and other large current in a special transformer power transformer, such as electronic equipment, radio and TV. Transformer is a device using the electromagnetic induction principle to change ac voltage. Its main part is the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core ( Magnetic core) 。 Main functions include voltage conversion, current, impedance transformation, isolation, stability ( Magnetic saturation of transformer) And so on. According to the purpose, divided into power transformer and special transformer ( Electric furnace change, rectifier, commercial frequency testing transformer, transformer, mining, audio transformers, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, impact of transformer, instrument transformer, electronic transformer, reactor, transformers, etc. ) 。
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