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What companies are producing Soft Magnetic Materials ?
There are more and more producers making it as the need of Soft Magnetic Materials has been increasing in the overseas market. Transmart Industrial Limited is recommended. It's a firm which has advanced techniques specializing in producing exquisite products. Equipped with a superb R&D group, it has its excellence in developing new products and customizing the unique products depending on the needs of consumers.
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With years of experience perfecting the craft of manufacturing mu metal transformer core, Transmart has been one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The silicon steel transformer core series is one of the main products of Transmart. The design of Transmart silicon steel transformer core shows professionalism. The mechanical properties, including materials hardness, structural toughness, efficiency, fatigue resistance have all optimized. The case can be customized into one that is insulation taped or epoxy coated. This product is a no brainer – it’s an undeniable marketing tool. Being beautifully designed, branded and easily recognizable, it works as a cool presentation of merchandise.

It is our glorious duty to realize the modernizational improvement of soft magnetic material industry. Get an offer!

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