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What is known as the hysteresis characteristics of _

by:Transmart     2020-09-24
This is the essence of the transformer Produce magnetic flux, permalloy magnetic core on the use of magnetic flux in another coil induction current. This is called hysteresis characteristics will cause energy loss in the applications such as transformer. Therefore, often used in the core with low hysteresis 'soft' magnetic materials, such as silicon steel, rather than 'hard' for permanent magnet magnetic materials. Soft iron core is to increase the strength of the magnetic field inside the transformer. So the eddy current loss. Described on the iron core of transformer is usually around it full ring of the two coils. One is connected to the power supply, is called the 'primary'. Another as the load power supply, referred to as the 'secondary'. Soft magnetic materials and related equipment ( Inductor, transformer and motor) Often ignored; However, they are all over the world play a key role in energy conversion. Power conversion including energy source, two-way flow between storage and power grid, and through the use of power electronic devices to complete. Motor ( Motor and generator) The mechanical energy into electrical energy, and vice versa. Broadband gap ( 世行集团) The introduction of the semiconductor power conversion electronics and motor controller can work at higher frequency. This reduces the power electronic equipment for passive components, Inductor and capacitor) The size of the request, and implements the high efficiency, high motor speed. Several kinds of soft magnetic materials is expected to run under high frequency. As oxide, soft ferrite with other magnetic materials, because they are insulated, so good at reduce the eddy current caused by the loss.
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