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What is our sensor magnetic core core platform

by:Transmart     2020-10-10
When sound waves collisions with membrane and its vibration, these changes will happen. Our platform of the membrane displacement under the passive detection and Mr Resolution, so even if use the simplest optical and electronic processing can also be explicitly detection and measurement of small changes. The result is real signal source, can be further enlarged or analysis without quality loss. Sensing path generated by the LED light, LED by the optical fiber transmission to optical head, and exposure to the super sensitive membrane. When vibration membrane, it reflected light intensity change, provides a basis for the dynamic measurement. Reflected light through the optical fiber transmission to the photoelectric detector, photoelectric detector is used in signal processing of intensity modulation data. Our sensor magnetic core core platform does not contain electronic components, process execution in the subsystem, subsystem can maintain the ideal with the sensor distance. Using optical fiber transmission can ensure film modulation data will not be affected, even is more than a kilometer. Device sensitivity is determined by the reflected light intensity vibration membrane, sensor magnetic core and controlled by two factors: the perspective of two optical fibers, as well as the distance from the film to the optical head. Move away from the optical head with membrane, the second optical fiber to collect a large number of reflected light. Transfer the amount of light increases, until it reached its great value in terms of optical fiber geometry. After reached the big light intensity, the distance between the membrane and the optical head of collected to further increase would lead to gradually reduce the amount of reflected light. Sensitivity calculation will each of these factors, together with the sensor applications, in order to obtain better geometric arrangement and power levels.
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