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What is the function of our core winding core tester

by:Transmart     2020-10-10
The core of the motor is its core coiling. Both stationary and rotating, we all have our equipment to test your winding, in order to ensure trouble-free operation for a long time. With our equipment we can perform; Insulation resistance, high voltage, micro ohm, high-frequency stick to stick, and the stator, armature, sheet, coil, such as the surge of comparison test, will they separated in motor lamination and insulation may be damaged in many ways; In caused by short circuit of energy release during welding lamination, overheating during winding removed, due to the bearing failure caused by rotor/stator windings or friction, or too much wrap ( Winding removed) Causes a layer insulation damage. Damaged stack will lead to overheat, increase energy consumption, a bow or lead to warp, spark brush, etc. These conditions may accelerate the next fix. Our core core winding tester is used to detect need to repair the damaged laminated, this could lead to problems on sex and excessive energy consumption. Tester to simulate the core of the ideal conditions and compare the stator/armature test results, provide report and advice. Core test records stored in files, recalled for further comparison and in the future. In addition to transfer heat, sound, or power, but also need electric coil to perform many different functions. Electric coil many attributes, allowing them to satiety industrial application requirements, including: industrial manufacturing, the use of many molded coil or wrap coil to prevent corrosion environment, and for the remote device of electromagnetic coil; Cars, such as ignition coil of induction coil is necessary for the operation of the internal combustion engine; Electronic devices and equipment, such as power transformer, radio transmitters, camera and lighting; Medical for imaging and therapy equipment and power generation, usually using high voltage coils for warehouses and other industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
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