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What is the reason for the abnormal heating of the magnetic ring inductance coil? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-13

As we all know, magnetic ring inductors are relatively common electronic components. Presumably some friends have encountered the same problem, so in this article, let’s popularize the reasons for the abnormal heating of the magnetic ring inductor. What happens when the magnetic ring inductor heats up? Storage of energy, prevention of electromagnetic interference, and direct current resistance and AC are the functions of the magnetic ring inductor coil. When the current passing through the inductor coil is large, the coil will generate heat, which is more serious It will cause heat, the inductance of the inductor will gradually decrease, and the surface temperature of the inductor itself will continue to rise. Once the temperature rise current exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the inductor will lose its inductive characteristics. When it is more serious, it will cause the entire PCB board to be burned. According to our rich experience in the field of inductance manufacturing, the reasons for the abnormal heating of the magnetic ring inductor coil are mainly divided into the following three aspects: 1. Due to the large inductance resistance, small wire diameter or large number of coils, resulting in copper The resistance is too high. 2. The reason for the material of the magnetic ring. Since the magnetic ring is a magnetic material, it has a magnetic saturation capability. When the magnetic permeability becomes higher and higher, the magnetic saturation capability will become worse and worse, and the saturation current will also change accordingly. Smaller, the easier it is to cause abnormal heating. 3. The reason for the size of the magnetic ring. The larger the size of the magnetic ring, the coil with a larger diameter and fewer turns should be used, because it has a strong ability to withstand current and can well reduce the occurrence of abnormal heating.
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