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What is used widely in soft magnetic alloy

by:Transmart     2020-09-20
Is a kind of commonly used soft magnetic alloy. Permalloy core it with face-centered cubic structure, and excellent plasticity make it can be made into 1 microns thickness or other shapes. Permalloy usually processed into sheets and strip, and relay, small transformer and magnetic field in the weak or work. Now, we can provide the 1 j79 and 1 j85 permalloy strips. 1 j79 has good combination properties, making it applicable to common-mode inductor core, current transformer core and high frequency low voltage transformer. On the other hand, 1 j85 applies to common-mode inductor, precision current transformer and low frequency/high frequency weak signal input and output transformer, etc. Permalloy is a nickel Ferromagnetic alloy, with about 80% of the nickel and iron content of 20%. By the physicist gustav Elmen invented by bell LABS in 1914, it is worth noting that its relatively high magnetic permeability, which makes it can be used as a core material in electrical and electronic equipment, and magnetic shielding to prevent magnetic field. Business permalloy usually has about 100000 relative permeability, while ordinary steel for thousands. In addition to high permeability, the other can also include low coercive force, magnetic near-zero magnetostriction and markedly anisotropic magnetoresistance. Low magnetostriction is important for industrial applications, so it can be used for film, variable in the membrane stress can lead to magnetic can be destructive. Permalloy resistivity change 5%, depending on the intensity and the direction of the applied magnetic field.
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