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Where is Transmart factory located?
The mill of Transmart Industrial Limited gets the very advantageous position. Here, the price of collecting materials and production and distributing finished nanocrystalline core to clients is minimal. Our mill is situated close to the origin of raw materials. Thus, we're in a position to decrease transport expenses, which considerably affects production expenses and supplies customers with the best profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower increases the efficient functioning of our plant life.
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With professional team, Transmart has done a better performance year by year in amorphous core market. Various in styles, Transmart's common mode chokes can meet the needs of different customers. Once raw materials arrive at the factory, the processing of Transmart nanocrystalline ribbon goes through four steps: compounding, mixing, shaping and vulcanizing. It makes the components of electronic devices lighter and compact. The product features a proportion design. It provides an appropriate shape that gives good feeling in usage behavior, environment, and desirable shape. This product is mainly applied in the electronic industry.
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We always set high demand on the quality of our amorphous core. Please contact us!

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