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1 j85 core metal shielding layer is what? _

by:Transmart     2020-10-23

Business permalloy usually has about 100000 relative permeability, and for ordinary steel. 1 j85 core metal shielding layer is a soft ferromagnetic alloy, so after removal of external magnetizing force will not get the remanence. It has the very high initial and larger magnetic permeability, and have a nominal hysteresis losses. It has a small coercive force, rated core loss and low remanence. In order to obtain the required magnetic function, should be in below, 40 oc in the conditions of dry hydrogen furnace at 1100 oc to 1180 oc Mu metal heat treatment 2 to 4 hours. 

 This kind of heat treatment to make magnetic permeability increased by 40 times. Precision alloy has the physical and mechanical properties, and applications in precision motors, electrical appliances, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and precision machinery of key components and devices. Based on the characteristics, purpose and precision alloy can be divided into hard magnetic alloy, soft magnetic alloys, elastic alloys, expansion alloys, thermal bimetal, resistance alloy, thermocouple alloy, conductive metal, electrical contact alloys, shape memory alloy, superconducting alloys and so on. Flux-gate sensor's main part is the core, the hysteresis characteristics will affect the performance of the sensor. 

 As the design goal of flux-gate sensor modeling, hysteresis characteristic model, the need to have core ability in modeling data and obtain good consistency between the experimental data. Zero phase current transformer, power inverter, precision current transformer, magnetic amplifier. Power transformer, reactor, pulse transformer. More polarity pulse transformer, dc voltage inverter, modems. Single polarity pulse transformer.                                

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