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by:Transmart     2020-10-16
Alloy can be processed into has good magnetic performance, to be used for high power applications, such as aircraft integrated power unit of the rotor and stator. However, the development of the soft magnetic properties at the expense of the mechanical strength and toughness. It is reported that a small amount of added niobium can increase the Fe - 有限公司- The strength of the V alloy. The study assessed the heat treatment of 48% ( Weight) The iron - 48% ( Weight) Cobalt - 2% ( Weight) Vanadium alloys and 0. 3% ( Weight) Niobium heavy cold strip mechanical and magnetic effects. From 640 to 740 ° C temperature for 1 hour of heat treatment, found that the tensile strength of the soft magnetic alloy, yield strength and ductility were better than in the literature did not add the Nb and machining of the similar alloy in a similar manner. Compared with not containing niobium alloy, under a lot of annealing temperature, permeability, residual induction, saturation induction, coercive force and the iron loss fell slightly. Performance are shown mainly depends on the recrystallization of the sample, the sample of recrystallization degree from 720 to 740 ° C temperature annealing recrystallization 1 hour. When the annealing time increased to 2 hours, found no measure performance significantly change. For 10 minutes at 800 ℃ annealing samples, recrystallization was observed.
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