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Against the core mobile measuring sensor

by:Transmart     2020-10-17
Core samples from onshore and offshore hydrocarbon, mining and construction as well as military collection. For academia, they are now is an important component of the climate research. Core hard rock samples from exposure or plastic casing in the soft sediments. Through the correct analysis, they can get important information about the properties of the rock and sedimentary strata. Hydrocarbon industry, for example, need about porosity, particle size and the related parameters in the surrounding geological data accurately, and construction and the army may on geotechnical properties such as P wave velocity, density and water content of interest. Each core part is pushed through sensors, sensor magnetic core in the core by the core scanning. Actively promote the components connected to the ball screw, driven by stepping motor, the stepper motor can be core orientation to better than 0. The accuracy of 5 mm. Control of stepping motor computer control sensor, so that the data automatically. Computer can also measure the length of the each core part, and can automatically minus the end cover thickness. This allows the parts according to the order, resulting in a complete data stream. Such a system not only saves time, and rely on each other through security core part, data are not usually damage such as the air gap magnetic susceptibility measurements. Continuous core record means that it says: continuous. In order to overcome the problem of core fracture, fiberglass boat for by sensors with core. Provides an additional motor, so that when the core to move through the sensor, the P wave sensor by sensor magnetic core mobile measurement and output again. If a third motor is installed for mobile division of arm core sensor.
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