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Amorphous alloy

by:Transmart     2020-05-15
Silicon steel and permalloy soft magnetic material is amorphous material, atomic rules is done in three dimensional space arrangement, the formation of periodic lattice structure, there is a grain, grain boundaries, dislocations, and interstitial and magnetocrystalline anisotropy, adverse to the soft magnetic properties. From the magnetic physics, atomic irregular arrangement, there is no cyclical and grain boundary amorphous structure is ideal for obtaining excellent soft magnetic properties. Amorphous metal and alloy is introduced in the 70 s a new material field. Its preparation technology is completely different from traditional method, but the cooling speed is about one million degrees per second, the ultra rapid cooling solidification technology, thin from liquid steel to the finished product once shaping, than the average cold rolling thin metal belt manufacturing process to reduce many of the intermediate process, this new process is known as a revolution of traditional metallurgical technology. Due to rapid cooling solidification, alloy solidification orderly arrangement when atoms too late, get solid alloys is long-range disorder structure, no grain, grain boundary amorphous alloy, called amorphous alloy, referred to as a revolution in metallurgical materials. This kind of amorphous alloy has many unique properties, such as excellent magnetic, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, hardness and toughness, high resistivity and electromechanical coupling properties, etc. Because of its excellent performance, simple process, starting in the 80 s as the research and development of material science at home and abroad. America, Japan, Germany has a perfect production scale, and a large number of amorphous alloy products gradually replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite flood the market. The country since the 70 s began the research and development work of the amorphous alloy, through the 'purpose', '>', 'five-year' period of the completion of major scientific research projects, a total of 134 scientific research achievements, national award for 2 items, 16 patents, has hundred varieties of alloy. Iron and steel research institute now has four amorphous alloy strip line, an amorphous alloy components core line. In the production of various shape of iron base, iron, nickel, cobalt and nanocrystalline strip and core, is suitable for the inverter power supply, switching power supply, power supply transformer, leakage protector, inductor core components, the annual output of nearly 20 million yuan. Is setting up of the ninth five-year plan of thousand tons iron base amorphous production line, into the international advanced level.
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