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C - on the transformer The CORE CORE when the application's main role

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

the first volume, we actually is also must pay attention to the actual transformer, it is also can work under the state of communication, and its power loss is not only on the resistance of the coil, is produces under alternating current magnetization C - The CORE of iron CORE. In general, is will get C - The CORE in the CORE power loss is also called 'iron losses'.

when it comes to the C - CORE CORE iron loss for words, actually also is caused by two reasons, one is actually refers to the 'hysteresis losses', another is actually 'eddy current loss.

said to hysteresis loss also is actually C - CORE of iron CORE in the process of magnetization, it will in large part line also is actually because of the existence of hysteresis phenomenon directly produce the iron loss, about the depletion of the size and material of the hysteresis loop area surrounded by actually also is proportional to the size. Then, silicon steel hysteresis loop is very narrow, so, on its own terms, with respect to its line in large part actually is also will be using it as a C - for transformer CORE CORE hysteresis losses on actually is also will be small, can make it less heat degree.

but, silicon steel with the above advantages, why don't you do C - blocks of silicon steel The CORE CORE, but also put it processed into flake. At this point, actually is also because the sheet iron core in large part on the line, that is, will reduce another iron losses, it also means 'eddy current loss'. Are working in the transformer, it actually is also there will be alternating current coil, magnetic flux produced by it, of course, in fact, that is, alternating.

the last words, we also is to actually pay attention to about the change of magnetic flux in C - The CORE of CORE also is actually produce induced current. C - CORE CORE of induced current, in the plane of perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux is circulation, which is also called eddy current. About the same also on the eddy current loss is C - The CORE CORE fever.
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